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I have been a forward thinker all my life.

I am an inventor with numerous inventions and patents. A former bushpilot and hypnotherapist, I am very resourceful and intuitive. While practicing hypnotherapy, I started to explore my psychic potential, and in an experiment in 1990, I predicted the fall of the Soviet Union. I have often been described as being ahead of my time. Around 1978 I told others about the "Smart Car" concept, and I was laughed at.  About 30 years ago I thought of mixing butter with margarine, and you can see such a product in Safeway now. Around 1975 when VCR's were new, I had visions of videos of fires, to simulate a fireplace with a TV screen, and visions of people buying videos of atomic bomb explosions. Both came to be.  About 27 years ago McDonald's mainstay was burgers and fries, and I predicted that they would eventually sell healthier food. About 20 years ago I thought of taking ordinary water, adding minerals, and carbonating it. Dasani water is just that, in stores now. And there's more. Many of my ideas were ridiculed.

Maybe I am not that amazing. But do you know anyone else like me?

On this website I will give you articles with some forward thinking, with predictions of future news events. Some of my predictions will seem radical for sure. But they will seem less radical as each year passes.

A quick example: On May 21, 2012 I said Germany will leave the Eurozone. Today, July 2, 2013, there is a new political party in Germany with exiting the EU being their main agenda, and they are gathering strength. So about 13 months later it seems a lot less radical. It will affect YOU. A LOT.

Today, February 11, 2016, there are MANY signs of the European Union starting to break up.
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"The Biggest Mistake in The History of The World". The newest, most important page, here.

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"Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it has been."

            Walter Gretzky, father of hockey great,                        Wayne Gretzky.

This site can help you do that.

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A Brief History of This Site: I started thinking about making this site around 2008, but I did not actually make it untill 2010. I procrastinated, knowing people would say "he's so negative", "what a pessimist" and so on. Finally I realized it was too important to ignore. So I made it and added to it regularly for a while.

What I am doing now may seem stupid to some of you, but it will be better than the desperate measures some of you will be forced to take. Many of you will keep trying, even harder, to make money the way you are now, but it will not work.  Some of you will be on the street, and some of you will be doing degrading things which you thought you would never do. I am planning ahead, and I will look wiser as time goes on.

(And for reasons unknown to me, 95% of my viewers now are in China)
The World's Most Interesting Man?
See my bio and decide!
I was flattered when I was introduced as being the world's most interesting man. The person introducing me before a speech had heard a few of my other speeches so she knew a bit about me. I invite you to read my bio and decide for yourself.
My survival plan for the coming 25 year depression.  Movies info here and here. I will make small amounts from those still employed during the coming hard times.

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投資比基尼電影。比基尼電影賺錢時  股票市場會下降。 (點擊這裡)

我的最新預測( 2016年2月21日)

1. 上海股市將降至1775




5. 25年的經濟衰退將席捲整個世界


7. Facebook股價會在20個月內降至$ 10

8.黃金的價格會相當馬上要2000 $ 。在未來3年將到$ 10,000


10. 歐元區將得到越來越弱 並開始土崩瓦解。騷亂與股市崩潰很快

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My latest predictions: (February 21, 2016)

1. The Shanghai stock market will drop to 1775

2. There will be suicides in China and Japan quite soon because of the stock market.

3. Donald Trump will be elected president.

4. World stock markets will start to crash soon. It may take 8 to 10 months to reach the bottom.

5. A 25 year economic depression will engulf the whole world.

6. There will be riots and chaos around the world. People will die at demonstrations and riots in Greece soon.

7. Facebook shares will drop to $10 within 20 months.

8. The price of gold will go to $2000 quite soon. In the next 3 years it will go to $10,000.

9. War is coming. Up to 6 "new Hitlers" will appear out of the chaos, and wage war on their neighbours.

10. The Eurozone will get weaker and weaker and start to fall apart. Riots with stock markets crashing soon.
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